how to store bulk weed

Are there better ways that lead to better how to store bulk weed?

Are there better ways that lead to better how to store bulk weed? Does cured bulk weed get better with age? Is there a maximum amount of time a grower can store bulk weed? Continue reading and learn more!

Containers for Bulk Weed

how to store bulk weed online: The first question to address – how much bulk weed needs to be stored?

Speaking from experience at a commercial grow in Denver, there were hundreds of pounds being harvested every few weeks. Each strain was stored in a large, black bin with the yellow lid. Easy to find on the marketplace. Although these bins aren’t the first recommendation, they certainly hold a ton.

Two tall black plastic bins sit side by side in the corner of the garden, one with its yellow lid closed, the other with its yellow lid handing open.

If you want your container to be absolutely airtight, go for mason jars. This feature is clutch during curing because direct air will affect your cannabis and dry it out. One thing to consider — you can debuck mass amounts of weed into the black bins until it is ready. The mason jars require several more for bulk but the final quality will be better. If you have ample space, stick with the mason jars. But if not, the bins will get the job done.

Proper Conditions for Storing Bulk Weed

Upon determining where it should go, you have to ask yourself about the conditions. Consider temperature, humidity, and lighting – they all play a factor.


The best curing comes when the room is set to 70 degrees. This has long been a practice by growers. If slightly different, it won’t ruin your cannabis.


The humidity is best set to 60-65% on a dehumidifier that keeps control. Some growers like to start around 40-50% first and ease into it. You will need a dehumidifier if running a commercial grow. Different sizes cover different room sizes appropriately, so do the math before spending thousands.

For smaller and home grows, adding humidity can be done in different ways. The actual humidity will depend on the legal state in which you are growing. The dryness of Colorado won’t match that damp, Massachusetts air. Spend a few bucks on a decent hygrometer and determine the humidity of your grow.


Darker places are best for curing. Store your bulk weed in a room that goes dark once the door is closed. This will help keep the temperature on point as well.

In my last commercial grow, our black bins were being stored in our vault near the center of the building. Sunlight didn’t exist, nor did it matter considering the blackout of the bins themselves.

But what about mason jars? They’re 100% clear and won’t stop any light. In this case, store the jars in a dark spot for sure. The less light, the better. Storing copious amounts of cannabis in low-key places is smarter in general, aka don’t be loud about it.

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